Debbie is a holistic personal and business coach helping people to discover their life purpose and to move through any personal and professional blocks. She has a background in board level advertising, a degree in philosophy and has been trained in eastern philosophy, meditation and mindfulness. Debbie is the Co-Founder and owner of Zenful Business (business coaching) and Rezinate (personal healing and coaching).


Debbie spends her time coaching, healing, teaching and writing books to inspire a more connected and heart driven approach to doing business – both on a commercial and personal level to create a sustainable working life.

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Why I Wrote the Book

There are so many books published about left brain business strategies and ideas. These are wonderful and logical resources, but I felt there was a gap in the market around being able to harness your own personal energy and flow to supercharge your career or business.

We are only now beginning to understand the power of a heart-centered approach to business and the impacts of energy within our body and working life. I wanted to bridge this metaphysical understanding of energy with the commercial intelligence of business; to show everyone how much more powerful we can be if we align left and right brain – logic and intuition – heart and mind.

Professional Bio

Debbie Pask is an experienced business coach specialising in mindfulness, purpose and value. Her professional bio includes:

    • A background in board-level advertising (at just 26, on the board of Australia’s then-largest ad agency, George Patterson Bates)
    • Being a co-founder and owner of Zenful Business (business coaching) and Rezinate (personal coaching)
  • Having been trained in eastern philosophy, meditation and mindfulness
  • Building and selling two companies (a boutique consulting firm and an online tools website)
  • A university degree in philosophy